Unexpected Tea with Hairy Bikers.. worth a read

Last week we were at the lake district setting up new tours… One afternoon I was told we were going to Haulker Hall, a very very posh place… We had already set up the new tour routes including a ride past Peel Island which I understood was the home of Dave Myers , one of the Hairy Bikers.. As well as that Peel island has its own king ! not Dave king the other hairy biker but a real king, peel island king, real wicker man stuff with bizarre ceremony the lot…. The new tour routes we absolutely stunning.. we were so happy with them, even took a ride up to the Manjushri Kadampa world Buddhist meditation centre on route….  great place to chill big style … Anyway back to it.. We pulled up in Haulker hall next to a very understated Bently… Once inside Mrs Trike tours ordered Afternoon cream teas with all the trimmings.  We sat down to make short work of the posh nosh infront of us and there is Dave Myers (half of hairy bikers) sat enjoying a cuppa talking with family….  Brilliant !, cool stuff like this seem s to happen quite often to us…………….. well anyway we left him to enjoy his food , until he was on the way out when Mrs Trike tours jumped up and asked him for a picture.. Genuinely lovely bloke, it was no problem for him. We had a few minuted craic talked about when kingy broke his leg and they wanted to borrow our trike but never came off , etc, etc…. took one pic, not a good one of the missus and Dave.. Then off he went… back to his Island i Imagepressume.  lol…………. http://www.triketours.co.uk